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Whether you are a leaseholder or a freeholder we can advise on all aspects of both new lease claims (lease extensions) and collective freehold acquisition claims.  This would extend also to negotiations and tribunal representation, standing as expert, as and when this may be required.


Over-engineered ground rents have become a significant problem to leaseholders and can frequently impact in a prejudicial way when time comes to sell.  We have extensive experience in dealing with these issues and stand ready to advise whenever problems of this nature may arise.


Whatever your requirements we can provide the requisite Red Book compliant valuation advice together with any subsequent negotiations* that may be required with HMRC (*relatively less likely to arise where a Red Book valuation has been instructed).


We always seek to make our fee charges as competitive as possible.  That said we stand firmly on our experience and reputation and fundamentally on our ability to achieve the most favourable outcome for our client in whatever capacity we may be instructed.  Cheap fees can all too often look less so once the dust has finally settled on the exercise.

In leasehold enfranchisement matters we offer flexible fee terms to reflect the undoubtedly convoluted nature of the exercise which will, more often than not, involve not only an initial valuation but also negotiations following on from the giving of notices.  This would include our hourly rate as well as both fixed fee and performance-based* options (*not applicable, however, in respect of specific tribunal-related work).   Packaged fees options are also available and these can certainly prove to be economic for the client.

In addition to the foregoing there are specific fee savings that might be available to our clients where there is a cross-over into our estate agency service.  Whether it be in respect of a tax-related valuation or a lease extension claim we are generally amenable to a significant fee concession wherever we may be instructed through to legal completion upon a subsequent sale of the property concerned.

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