The dawning of a new age in estate agency

I have to say I’ve never really taken to the term hybrid when applied to estate agency.  Merging any two things together can somehow imply that you’re getting some form of compromise that isn’t perhaps as good as either one in its dedicated form.  Another way of looking at it though is to imagine that you’re stripping out the worst of those two things and making something new that combines the best features of both.   Whichever way you look at it a little while ago now I made the decision to add estate agency to the services that I provide within my professional practice.  I’ve done it in a ‘shop-less’ format which pretty much makes us a hybrid agent I suppose and if that’s what we are then I much prefer the second of those two views.  Why would I do it at all you may ask?  Am I not unpopular enough?  Two reasons …..

Firstly I don’t think there can be any doubt that the time is right for a whole new approach to the way in which estate agency is conducted.  We need to do away with that tarnished image and the cliched jokes once and for all and to bring some professionalism to the table.  It’s well overdue but it is starting to happen now with smaller companies like ours leading the way.  Watch closely and you will see our numbers grow inexorably over time; a new breed of smaller, professional (or professionally-minded at least) agents offering sensibly priced services with integrity and respect at the forefront.

Secondly, I think is best explained by a face from the past that perhaps only my older readers will recognise or relate to.  Think of me as the gunslinger and estate agency as the holster and indulge me for just a minute and 50 seconds if you will ……

Having got things off to a steady start, and gained some very nice plaudits along the way, the time has now come to see how we can grow and develop.  We simply want to meet more vendors who would value and appreciate the quality service that we offer.  In order to do that I am starting to look for some quality people to help me – our Associates if you will.  If you have a look at our website and can see and understand what this is all about and what we’re looking to achieve then these posts will very likely be of interest to you.  Putting it simply, if you’re interested in property and can recognise an opportunity when it presents itself then I am definitely interested in you.

All will be explained in subsequent posts and/or whenever anyone may wish to contact me to discuss.

Keep well and speak again soon.

Barry Passmore BSc MRICS ACIArb

Barry is a chartered surveyor with over 35 years’ experience as a professional valuer.

His ‘quality over quantity’ ethos is aimed at setting a new benchmark for professionalism in modern estate agency.

If you’re looking to sell and you like what you’re seeing here please just give us a call and we will be delighted to assist if we can.  Alternatively, if you would be interested in receiving a small share of our marketing budget by helping to spread the word about us then we’d be delighted to hear from you on that score as well.  Referrers, introducers or associates are always welcome.  This is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity either for retired agents or experienced agents looking to make the jump into self-employment.  The door is also open, however, to anyone who likes us and wants to help in some way and we’re always happy to train.