Estate agency is changing and Barry Passmore & Associates are a part of that change.  The pre-eminence now of digital marketing means that smaller, independent companies like us will soon become the norm.  Our prediction then is that anyone looking to sell their property will find themselves in a much friendlier environment.  That’s partly in terms of costs, which should properly be lower, but more significantly in the client care that they receive.  No longer will the estate agent deserve to be looked down on as a pariah and necessary evil.  

If you would like to join in this evolution then please don’t hesitate to refer our services to anyone who you may know who is thinking of selling.  We don’t spend huge sums on TV advertising or high street premises and that allows us instead to generously reward those who are kind enough to tell others about us.  This is our primary marketing expense and we see it as a win-win situation in the community whereby marketing costs are distributed on a deserving basis rather than wasted in other ways.

Please take the time to have a good look at us and how we operate.  Give us a call or ask others what they think about us and look at our growing number of testimonials.  Once you have done that we don’t think that you will have any doubts about referring us and we shall look forward to saying thank you for that consideration.

NOTE:  For anyone out there with a particular interest in property, and the time and inclination to learn more about it and how to value it, we are always looking for new ASSOCIATES to assist us on a self-employed, freelance basis.  If this sounds like it may be of interest then please do contact us.

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