About us

We offer a full estate agency service. Everything you would want and expect from the best in your local high street and more. Nomatter how digitalised the marketing may become estate agency will always be a people business and small companies like ours have traditionally lived on their reputation for doing people business well. We are committed to preserving and enhancing that reputation.

Our approach to estate agency is simple enough. We recognise the fact that, when it comes right down to it, anyone selling property will only have two fears:

  1. That their property will be sold too cheaply; and

  2. That their property will not sell at all.

We not only have the knowledge and experience to ensure that neither of these things happen but also the integrity and respect to act in our clients’ best interests (and no-one else’s) at all times.

We don’t have sales targets and we don’t rely on myths and fairy stories to attract business. We rely instead upon our reputation for excellence and have but one objective; that each and every one of our clients is made to feel as though he or she is our one and only client.

We are a small company but we cover a wide geographical area thanks to our shopless methods of operation. Our national office is in London and, for both logistical and historic reasons, London to Brighton has been our ‘starting’ patch. As we now develop and grow, however, and quality associates join our ranks across the south of England, we will be looking forward to offering our services to a much wider vendor audience.

Our People

There are those companies who like to make it known that they sell hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of properties every year. We’re pleased to say that we don’t. The vendors of those few that we do sell, however, will receive a level of service that only a small company like ours can offer. It’s plain and simple, old-fashioned service standards applied to a modern-day style of shopless, internet marketing.

Barry Passmore BSc MRICS ACIArb

Barry has over 30 years of post-qualification experience as a chartered surveyor and has been valuing all over London for just under half of that time in a professional capacity. He stands squarely behind the professional ethos of the company and sees it as his ongoing mission to ensure that our clients have the very best service standard that a professional agent can provide.

Barry assures us that, notwithstanding his great age, he can still drive a golf ball over 300* yards (*this may be subject to amendment). We have no evidential proof of this, however, other than anecdotal reports. He is a Quentin Tarrentino fan and does not share the view held by Katy, Shirley and apparently some others, that The Greatest Showman is a good film.

Katy Musgrave

Katy has lived in West Sussex for her entire life and presently has her home in Burgess Hill where she has resided for 13 years. She has a natural ability both as a valuer and as an agent and, with Barry and her mum Shirley in support, she is our very capable local representative in Sussex and surrounding areas.

Katy is a people person through and through and it is her total and unswerving commitment to our clients’ best interest in their sales that really sets us apart from the competition.  You might even say that she is our one-person USP.

Katy has an unnatural appetite, however, for such TV programmes as Love Island and TOWIE. This level of taste probably explains why she also firmly believes that the Greatest Showman is a good film.

Darren Grant

Darren has over 30 years’ experience in business – mainly in property and finance. Working closely with Barry over the past 8 years, Darren wears many hats within the company including office management, finance, compliance oversight and business development.

In our Associates section below, you’ll find Darren’s wife, Tracy. Together they’re the local agents for South Somerset and neighbouring areas, including parts of Dorset and Wiltshire.

Amongst his hobbies, Darren loves all things motorised. His passion is helicopters and motorcycles. However, unlike our Associate, Lee, lawn mowers are the exception! 

Darren is also a frustrated comedian. His talents in that area are questionable at best. But… he continues to seek out that magic recipe by which to amuse others. We’re all gunning for him (not literally of course).

Shirley Passmore

Shirley is Barry’s wife and Katy’s mum. She has over 40 years of history in West Sussex having lived at various times in Crawley and Cuckfield.

Her role in the company is that of back-stop administrator and dealing with all aspects of client care and support. If there is ever anything that we do that you are not entirely happy with, just call Shirley and she will put things right.

Shirley is a master (6th Dan) of all word games. She seldom watches a film more than once apart from Pretty Woman (of course) and The Greatest Showman which she, like her daughter, believes to be something of a classic.

Our Associates

As part of our plan for future growth we are always looking for quality people to join our ranks as freelance Associates. This is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity either for retired agents or for experienced agents looking to make the jump into self-employment. The door is also open, however, to anyone with the necessary personal and intellectual qualities that we require and, in such cases, full and uncompromising training will be provided.

Phil Taylor BA

Phil is our first Associate in Brighton (there will be more to come I’m sure) and will be dealing with any sales enquiries there going forward.  He is also Katy’s partner (fiancée actually). His background is in the IT world of the aviation sector and this still occupies a certain amount of his time.  He’s an ultra-capable guy though and, with the benefit of Barry’s training, he is now fully equipped to assist and guide any vendors who may now decide to take advantage of our superior service standards.

Phil is a scouser by birth but has lived in Sussex for 25 years.  He has always had a passion for property and, although that may sound like a bit of a cliché, if you knew Phil like we do you’d understand what we’re talking about.  He’s one of those types who throws himself into whatever he’s doing and there is never any compromise.  It really does have to be perfect where he’s concerned.  He’s a handyman par excellence and, it must be said, a bit of a clean freak.   A man of simple pleasures who loves routine he enjoys watching TV shows that perhaps don’t draw the mass viewing figures that others do – ‘Outback Open Hunters’ (what’s all that about?) and ‘How it’s made’.  

Lee Wilkinson

Lee is a highly experienced agent and a former branch manager in both Newmarket and Cambridge.  Now, like Barry, living in the Suffolk village of Wickhambrook he is set to offer our quality service across the numerous villages in the surrounding area.  So whether you’re in Stradishall or Lidgate, Ashley or Dalham, Cowlinge or Ousden or anywhere in these parts you will know where to come when time comes to sell. 

Lee is a family man through and through with two young whippersnappers, Theo and Daisy.  Family always comes first for him but you will be a close second when you become one of his clients.  He is a sports observer and loves his football, tennis, rugby union and the Olympics.  He also likes to clog our roads up in the summer with his caravanning friends and he’s a bit of a neat-freak when it comes to garden lawns in particular.  Christmas songs are not just for Christmas in Lee’s book – they’re just too good.

Tracy Grant BA

Tracy is Darren’s wife. Together they’re the local agents for South Somerset and neighbouring areas, including parts of Dorset and Wiltshire.

With a true passion for property, Tracy has over 25 years’ experience in sales and customer service. She has a friendly, proactive approach and is a stickler for attention to detail. She’ll go above and beyond to help you every step of the way.

Tracy and Darren have lived in some wonderful – and some not so wonderful – areas of the UK and Europe. They’ve frequently encountered the emotional rollercoaster of moving home and have first-hand experience of how overwhelming and challenging this life-changing event can be. They’ve now settled in the beautiful county of Somerset where they live with their teenage daughter and enjoy lengthy walks in the picturesque countryside with their German Shepherd dog, Rupert.

Tracy is an avid dog lover and has a special interest in canine psychology. She’s also a yoga fanatic and loves nothing better than striking a pose and finding her zen. And, like Shirley and Katy, she adores The Greatest Showman. But… Mamma Mia! is by far her favourite film – much to Darren’s dismay.


Whilst trying not to appear too self-righteous our company has an unashamedly charitable ethos.  We have our favourites, those being Children With Cancer and various animal welfare charities, and a donation is made whenever we complete on an instructed sale.  In appreciation of any referrals that we receive, however, we invite the person making that referral to either select a charity from our existing list or otherwise nominate his/her own.  Provided that the charity in question is properly registered or otherwise meets our own strict criteria for inclusion*, it will then be added to our list for consideration on future sales going forward. 

*We reserve the right to refuse any particular nominated charity in favour of another of the referrer’s choice.

Our Charities List