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There are those companies who like to make it known that they sell hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of properties every year. We’re pleased to say that we don’t.

The vendors of those few that we do sell, however, will receive a level of service that only a small company like ours can offer.

It’s plain and simple, old-fashioned service standards applied to a modern-day style of shopless, internet marketing.

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For Sale

2 bedroom flat

2 bedroom flat

St. Peters Street, Maidstone
Guide Price £170,000

For Sale

2 bedroom Flat

2 bedroom Flat

180 Scotney Gardens, Maidstone

Under Offer

3 bedroom detached house

3 bedroom detached house

Lyric Close, Maidenbower
Offers over £485,000


One Bedroom Flat

One Bedroom Flat

Willesden Lane, London
Guide Price £319,500

What People Have Said About Us

They did an amazing job throughout all the problems and hold ups. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

Craig & Steph Wilson
Burgess Hill

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a first-class agent charging a sensible fee. If only more estate agents were like this.

David Harper
Notting Hill

You were brilliant at keeping us informed about the chain and were a much needed bridge between all parties.

Linda & Tim Griffiths

I doubt any normal high street agent could come even close to the service I received. Would thoroughly recommend.

Phil Taylor


For those who have only an occasional experience of selling a property (the majority of people therefore) there are various myths and half-truths that tend to get handed around. Here are the main ones that you will likely encounter:

That is patently not the case as value is an entirely subjective matter and very much a moveable feast. The question will always be what is it worth to that one person to whom it has more value than anyone else in the market at that particular moment in time and who is prepared to pay what you may call a ‘true’ value or sometimes maybe even a special purchaser value. It may be, however, that that person is not present in the market when you choose to sell. If you don’t have the time to wait for that person to appear therefore you may feel the need to sell to someone who is perhaps less in love but could be persuaded by a more attractive (ie lower) price.

Similarly you yourself may have found a property that you have fallen in love with and could miss out if you don’t move quickly. Taking a lower price at that point might make perfect sense to you in that situation. Where then is the exact value of the property? Valuation is undoubtedly much more of an art than a science and it is your agent’s job to be aware of this and do the very best they can with what the market may offer, taking into account your own personal circumstances.

 A phrase that you might sometimes hear from an estate agent is something along the lines of “We have a list of buyers who would be interested in this type of property”. Whilst this may have counted for something some years ago the truth is that in today’s digital world there are very few ‘secrets’. In the theory of economics we now have a virtually ‘perfect’ marketplace. If a property is being shown on the main internet portals then the world, including anyone likely to be in the market, will very soon be aware of it. In reality there are not many serious buyers hiding under any particular agent’s desk these days.

By far the most relevant form of marketing today is having a presence on the main internet portals, of which Rightmove is very probably the most powerful and significant. To move to a different agent is simply to have a different (but similar) advert showing and to have more than one agent is to duplicate that advert which is likely to make you look desperate.

Our advice is simple: to optimise your chances of a successful sale find a good agent who will present your property to its best advantage and look after you attentively keeping your best interests at heart at all times (like us for example) and then stick with that agent.

This follows on from Myth 2. Essentially the buying market is the same for everyone. It just depends on when that buyer, doubtless fully aware of just about everything that is available and might be of interest, comes along. Markets can sometimes catch fire with everyone clambering over each other and sometimes they can be desperately slow. The agent can do nothing about it except to work within that context and do the best they can for their client. “We typically achieve a sale within x weeks” should therefore be treated with a fairly large pinch of salt as should extravagant claims as to the achievable sale price.

This, of course, has been a longstanding mantra for estate agents and, even though the new breed of online operators have to some extent departed from it, it still seems to hold favour. The reality, however, is that there are those who place their property on the market with no real motivation to sell – ‘testing the water’ as it were. This, of course, involves costs to the agent which, when that vendor withdraws, have to be paid for by other vendors. It’s a form of cross-subsidisation that we do not ourselves favour. Keeping fee costs low involves avoiding wasted costs as much as possible. You simply can’t have it both ways! For that reason we always give our clients a choice. Either they can accept our cost-based, withdrawal fee arrangement in return for a reduced commission charge or otherwise they can elect for a ‘no sale, no fee option which will incur a marginally higher rate (but always below 1% including VAT).