About Us

Our People

We are proud to describe ourselves as an ‘old school’ professional company offering what we feel are sometimes lost standards of service to our valued clients.

Barry Passmore


Having trained with the District Valuer’s Office and Valuation Office during the 1980s Barry has spent the vast majority of his 30+ years of professional life in private practice valuing residential property across the country but with a particular expertise in both Greater and central London. He now specialises in valuation for taxation and leasehold enfranchisement purposes and has stood as an expert at tribunal on numerous occasions.

Barry assures us that, notwithstanding his great age, he can still drive a golf ball over 300* yards (*this may be subject to amendment). We have no evidential proof of this, however, other than anecdotal reports.

Tom Davies


Tom is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and, like Barry, he is a Registered Valuer with over 30 years’ experience in residential property. He also has considerable experience in standing as expert at tribunal.

Tom is charm personified. He is a long-time skier although it has been pointed out to him that this is perhaps something not best suited to a man of his advancing years. His main passion, however, is riding and he is very much a man of the horse.

Barbara Down

BSc (Hons) ACIArb

Barbara is Barry’s right-hand person in his professional valuation work which is primarily in London. She has become a skilled valuer and, under Barry’s mentorship, is on course to qualification as an RICS Associate. She lives on the Quantocks in Somerset and is always willing to accept new instructions anywhere from Taunton Vale up to Bristol as well as In London which territory she shares with Barry.

Barbara is the unofficial world champion good Samaritan. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and if there is anyone who can be relied upon to give a 115% service level to our clients she is that person.

Whilst standard-paced walking and accelerator-dominant driving  come as second nature to her she would much prefer to be on horseback, that being her true passion.

Darren Grant

Darren has over 25 years’ experience in business and has worked closely with Barry over the past 8 of those. He can therefore speak knowledgeably about the vast majority of those valuation matters with which we deal. He is an extraordinarily capable office manager and if you ever need to know what’s happening with your case he will surely put you in the picture.

Darren is a frustrated comedian. His talents in that area are questionable at best but he continues to seek out that magic recipe by which to amuse others and we are all gunning for him (not literally of course).